Teeth Grinding & Night Guards in Downtown Edmonton

Do you grind your teeth while you sleep? Wake up with an aching jaw? You may be liable to a dental complication called Bruxism. But don’t worry, at Magathan Dental, we can provide you with a custom-fit mouth guard to protect you from your teeth-clenching tendencies.

Bruxism is a dental term used to describe the excessive grinding and clenching of teeth which often goes undetected until tooth damage exposes it or it is diagnosed by your dentist at a checkup. If you tend to clench and grind your teeth and feel that it’s beyond self-control, visit our downtown dental office in Edmonton as soon as possible. The faster this condition is detected, the less damage your teeth will endure. In some severe cases, Bruxism can cause other dental problems such as chipped teeth, hot and cold sensitivity, previous dental treatment damage, and other impediments.

Signs of Bruxism include:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Jaw muscle pain in the morning
  • Flattened or dull tooth tips
  • Grinding sounds during sleep

Bruxism can be dealt with using many techniques such as relaxation, dietary habits and conscious control exercises. Night guasrds are one of the best treatment options because they are an autonomous form of both treatment and preventative care, especially during the night when you can’t rely on yourself and need a dental barricade.

If you think you may be experiencing signs of Bruxism or have grinding tendencies, book an appointment at Magathan Dental Centre in downtown Edmonton immediately. We’ll keep your pearly whites safe and healthy!

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