Health History Services in Downtown Edmonton

A question dental patients often ask themselves is why their dentist needs to know about their medical history. At Magathan Dental Centre, we want to provide you with the best possible and safest treatment by prioritizing your overall health and minimizing the chances of complications. Sometimes a health condition can affect the way dental treatment and care need to be implemented. Your downtown Edmonton dentist needs to have all the information necessary to make informed decisions and recommendations concerning your dental treatment method. Some medications or health conditions can interfere with your dental wellbeing during treatment such as blood clotting, immune system strength, heart problems, antibiotics, steroids, and more. We need to know about your general health to take care of your dental health!

Tell your dentist:

  • If you smoke
  • About any health problem or medical condition you are being treated for
  • About any changes in your general health
  • About any allergies you have
  • About any medicine you are taking
  • About any changes in medicine since your last visit
  • About any fears you have about going to the dentist
  • About any dental or mouth problems you have
  • About any way the dental office could make it easier for you to get around (if you have a cane, a wheelchair, or a walker)
  • About stress in your life, because stress can affect your oral health

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