Dental Bridges in Downtown Edmonton

If you have a gap between your teeth or are experiencing tooth loss, your natural smile can be restored thanks to dental bridges. Bridges are a common choice of treatment for this dental issue and can be supported by natural teeth, dental implants, or a combination of the two. Depending on your unique oral structure and condition, you and Dr. Magathan will decide on the type of dental bridges that are best suited for your dental health.

The types of dental bridges are:

  • Traditional Bridges: are made up of a false tooth placed in between the two teeth sheltered by crowns on either side of the gap. These bridges consist of porcelain or ceramic materials and are the most commonly used treatment option.
  • Cantilever Bridges: if there is a natural tooth on one side of the gap then this would be the likely choice of bridge treatment. The dental bridge is fixed to the adjacent teeth after two crowns are fused to the substitute tooth.
  • Maryland Bonded Bridge: this dental bridge is composed of plastic teeth and gums supported by a metal framework. The bonding for this dental bridge is the easiest to apply and is overall lower in cost than other types of treatments.
The Dental Bridge Procedure:

When you book an appointment for your bridge procedure at our Dental Centre in Edmonton, your dentist will take the following steps over two separate sessions in order to account for healing time and crown creation. The teeth surrounding the gap will be filed down to prepare the area for crown placement. Then, we will take an impression of your teeth in order to craft the dental crowns best suited for your personal oral structure. The false tooth is then bonded to the dental crowns after which the bridge is placed on your teeth. During your second visit, the crowns will be cemented and secured. That’s it, your smile is gap free!

If you have any questions about the dental bridge procedure or want to explore other missing teeth treatments, contact Magathan Dental or visit our downtown location in Edmonton to speak with one of our dentists.

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