Dental Exams in Downtown Edmonton

Everybody needs regular dental exams. The reason is simple: even if you brush and floss every day, you cannot see all the parts of your own mouth. Scheduling regular dental exams and check-ups is an important part of preventative care and maintaining oral wellbeing.

During your dental examination at Magathan Dental Centre in downtown Edmonton, one of our qualified dentists will evaluate your gums and teeth to make sure you are not at risk of developing any diseases, discomforts, or misalignments. Dr. Magathan will also perform a series of diagnostic procedures, discuss your dietary/health habits, and demonstrate proper dental hygiene techniques so you can take charge of your own oral health with confidence.

What can I expect during a dental exam?

  • Oral hygiene evaluation
  • Bite and jaw structure checks
  • Fluoride need assessment
  • Dental X-rays (if needed)

If you've had any prosthetic replacements or restorative dental procedures done in the past, Dr. Magathan will assess how well they fit and determine if any adjustments are needed. Should your exam yield results that indicate the need for treatment, your dentist will explain the procedure and craft a treatment plan with you. Your dental exam is also the perfect opportunity to ask Dr. Magathan about any dental topic you're unsure of. Book an appointment at our Dental Centre in Edmonton for a dental examination – we’re excited to guide you towards a healthy oral lifestyle!

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